Palermo inflated 8 person tent


This tent is nothing short of a palace, it is simply amazing.

There are no poles, you just pump it up in less then 10 min.

Intelligent tent design created the Palermo. It is also fair to say that it has been inspired by great tents of the past. The Vango Diablo and Colorado were classics in their day and have provided the basic template for the all new Palermo.

We recognise every camper is different and that's why we have put the care and attention into flexible and innovative design.

Families with older children, and all bigger groups, who need separate sleeping areas will be thankful of this unique AirBeam® tent design.

The three separate pod bedroom areas join together by two cross over AirBeams, transforming the space into a bright central living space.

This tent includes a fully sewn in groundsheet to prevent draughts and creepy crawlies from getting in as well as a covered front entrance to prevent puddles of rain emerging into the living area.

Don't forget to use the handy lantern loops and bedroom pockets for storage!

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