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We did not want this to be one of those contracts were you press yes “I have read the terms and conditions and I agree to those terms” without actully reading it, so we tried to have this as short as possible. So please take 3 minutes to read it.

  • General terms
    1. The lessee is required to be of legal age in his home country, or a registered company, organization, or other entity.
  • Lessor responsibilities
    1. The lessor guarantees a fully set up tent with all extra equipment ordered placed inside the tent at the start of the leasing period.
    2. The leasing period for Secret Solstice is from Thursday June 21st at 14:00 to Monday June 25th at 14:00.
    3. The leasing period for “Þjóðhátíð” is from Thursday Agust 2nd at 16:30 pm to Monday August 6th at 13:00 pm.
    4. The lessor is not responsible for damage or theft of tenants belongings.
  • Lessee responsibilities
    1. Upon delivery of the equipment the lessee shall inspect it and make sure it is in good condition.
    2. The lessee is considered to have returned the leased equipment when he has notified an employee of Rentatent about his departure.The lessee is required to return the tent in the same condition at the same location as he received it, with extra equipment placed inside the tent.
    3. The lessee is responsible for damage or theft of the tent or other equipment. The lessee agrees to compensate any loss of or damage to the equipment, according to lessors rates and fees. He can though minimize his reliability with an insurance bought from the lessor, see the next paragraph.
  • Insurance
    1. The lessee is given the possibility to buy an insurance from the lessor which covers the loss or damage of the tent.
    2. It does not cover damage done intentionally or by reckless behavior.
  • Cancelation
    1. All cancellations must be presented to Rent-A-Tent in written, via e-mail, to the address Rent-A-Tent will always keep a confirmation fee of ISK 1700, regardless of the time of cancellation. Otherwise, cancellation charges are as follows
      - If you cancel with more than 14 days notice: 95% is refunded.
      - If you cancel with 6 days notice: 50% if refunded.
      - If you cancel with less than 6 days notice: No refund is made